Alessio Sarina

Marketing Director

FC Barcelona

BARCELONA, SPAIN // Alessio Sarina is Digital Strategy and Brand Marketing passionate. He has a unique combination of deep and strategic digital experience and a FMCG Marketing career. Effective mix of an analytical person, data based decision believer with strong vision & intuition. He has an energetic and pragmatic profile, always trying to show best direction to team members and get the best out of them. Always looking for excellence in thinking & execution, he is eager to learn something new every day.

After a two-month life experience travelling around Southeast Asia, Alessio is now embracing a new great challenge in the Sport & Entertainment industry at FC Barcelona as Marketing Director.

His previous experience spans 14 years in FMCG, local and global teams in 3 different countries (Italy, the UK, and Spain). After nine years in Marketing (Brand Building, effective campaigns, 360 action plans, NPDs), he has shifted into the Digital World (Marketing, Digital Strategy, Digital Transformation). In the last six years Alessio has pushed his CRM & Digital Business competencies - Executive Digital Master at ISDI. Digital Transformation: change management experience during last 2 years.

Alessio is an Active Mountain Sport lover, trail running, mtb, skimo, climb. Successfully launched an eCommerce Business (offline+online) as Partner & Digital/Marketing Lead.