Creativity Around the World: Brazil

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With the World Cup just a year behind it and the 2016 Olympics months away, Brazil is emerging as one of the world’s most vibrant cultural hotspots. Between its rich history, rapidly growing technology community and socially-minded population, the country is overflowing with opportunities for creative inspiration.

To mark the Clios’ inaugural Agency of the Year x Country Awards in 2015, will be highlighting each of the 15 top entrant countries over the next several months. Announced in October, the Agency of the Year x Country Awards are presented to agencies from our top 15 entrant countries scoring the most statue points across all medium types. The introduction of these awards reflects Clios’ long-standing commitment to celebrating creativity around the world. As we travel the globe to recognize the Clio-winning agency in each of these countries, we’ll spotlight each country’s distinct culture and uncover what makes its creative class tick through a Q&A.

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Kicking off the series is Fabio Fernandes, President and Executive Creator Director at F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi in Sao Paulo, which won the 2015 Agency of the Year award for Brazil and met with Clios back in November.

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What are the creative hotspots in Sao Paulo/Brazil?

You’ll never die of boredom in Sao Paulo. However, it can take a while (quite a while) to get where you would like to go. It’s a gigantic city with heavy traffic, and surprisingly big queues – a mile-long, in fact – at almost every attraction. The Sound and Image Museum (MIS), for example, has been breaking visitation records since it began a series of pop exhibitions that Sao Paulo has very much enjoyed. From David Bowie to Tim Burton, the queues go around the block. Another highlight (and cause for disagreement in Sao Paulo) is Avenida Paulista, the main avenue of the city, which now closes to cars on Sundays and turns into an extensive asphalt park. I’d also like to mention the 9 de Julho Belvedere, located at an abandoned historical part of the city. Now properly reformed, it has become a multicultural space that attracts large crowds.

Avenida Paulista, Sao Paulo

Avenida Paulista, Sao Paulo

What’s the “soundtrack of the season”?

Sertanejo Universitário is a modernized variation of the traditional Brazilian grass-roots country music. It is interesting to note that in addition to musicians who become famous and gain national attention, there are plenty of others who have tremendous success that we never hear of in the bigger cities. (And when I say tremendous success, I mean they have millions and millions of fans, get rich very young, buy airplanes and European sports cars and sell concerts every day of the month to make paychecks in the millions.)

What’s the meme of the moment?

Forty-five million Brazilians have already participated in some kind of social movement, and 60% of them have done this using the Internet. That’s almost 30 million digital activists in the country, indicating a growth of no less than 120% since 2012.* The numbers are impressive and clearly transform the Facebook timelines of Brazilians. Two hashtags that I would provide as examples match this profile. The first is “#agoraéquesaoelas” (now it’s about women), which aims to give a voice to women and the fight for their rights. The second is #somostodostaisaraujo (we’re all Tais Araujo), which was created in defense of the black Brazilian actress who was a victim of prejudice on Facebook.

*The numbers come from the F/Radar survey, launched in October by the agency in partnership with the Datafolha research institute

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Who are the biggest pop culture personalities in Brazil?

They are mostly soccer players and soap opera actors. Neymar and Grazi Massafera, for example, are personalities reflecting these two Brazilian passions. Besides those, there is the remarkable appearance of surfer Gabriel Medina who gained the status of national idol after winning the world surfing championship in 2014.

Who/what are your national treasures?

Rio de Janeiro, where I was born and the location of the coming 2016 Olympic Games.


What’s the hottest viral video of the moment?

While I answer this question… Neymar’s goal. But that answer will certainly be old news in less than a day.

What are the industry/innovation/creative trends you’re watching?

3D Printers and Oculus Rift are among some of the technologies recently catching our attention.

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