2016 Clio Health Grand Winners: A New Era of Healthcare Advertising

Although traditional healthcare advertising once focused on the structured world of pharmaceutical drugs, the industry is shifting to embrace overall health and wellness, welcoming a new world of innovative and inspiring creative work. As a result, this year’s Grand Clio Health winners are a reflection of the industry itself.

Take a look at six health and wellness campaigns that claimed the highest honors at the 2016 Clio Health Awards.

Title: DOT. The First Braille Smartwatch Entrant Company: Serviceplan/Serviceplan Korea Brand: Dot Incorporation Mediums: Innovation, Design

As the digital world continues to innovate and we become increasingly screen-dependent, the visually impaired population is increasingly left behind. Enter Dot Incorporation and Serviceplan with the world’s First Braille Smartwatch, which is opening the doors of possibility to visually impaired people worldwide and is taking home two Grand Clio Health statues.

Title: Lifesaver Backpack Entrant Company: J. Walter Thompson Colombia Brand: Luki Medium: Out of Home

In Colombia’s jungles, rivers carry thousands of children to school every day, but these unpredictable bodies of water, prone to flash floods, have resulted in the death of 1,000 kids in the last five years. Colombian fruit snack company Luki decided these numbers could not continue, so with J. Walter Thompson Colombia and the Colombian Red Cross, the brand created special backpacks that not only hold students’ school supplies, but also function as life vests in case of the unexpected.

Title: Surgeon Tryouts Entrant Company: TBWA\HAKUHODO Inc. & HAKUHODO Inc. Brand: Kurashiki Central Hospital Medium: Print

A successful surgeon must possess not only deep and precise knowledge of the human body, but also precise control over his or her hands. Japanese medical schools and hospitals, however, often place unbalanced focus on concept instead of practice, so to more accurately test medical students Kurashiki Central Hospital and TBWA\HAKUHODO Inc. administered a series of very unusual tests designed to evaluate students’ dexterity.

The agency’s print campaign depicting these tests beautifully and poignantly illustrates the great finesse required of a surgeon.

Title: Second Life Toys Entrant Company: Dentsu Inc. Brand: Green Ribbon Project Committee Medium: Public Relations

In Japan, child organ donation is not a widely discussed topic, and only a small fraction of children receive the organ transplants they require. To raise awareness, Green Ribbon Project Committee and Dentsu Tokyo created Second Life Toys, a campaign that brings new life to broken stuffed animals through “transplanting” the broken parts with those of other toys. The project aims to highlight the meaningful impact of organ donation by giving beloved stuffed animals a second chance at life. 

Title: Manboobs Entrant Company: DAVID Brand: MACMA Medium: Social Media

Teaching women how to properly self-examine for lumps is a crucial part of breast cancer awareness messaging, but these campaigns are faced with the challenge of properly demonstrating self-examinations when women’s breasts are almost always censored. Breast cancer charity MACMA and agency DAVID devised an ingenious solution: Use perfectly PG “man boobs” instead.

Title: HIV Tonight Entrant Company: Calder Bateman Brand: HIV Edmonton Medium: Integrated Campaign

Shock and awe. That’s what Calder Bateman committed to in this campaign for HIV Edmonton, a charity dedicated to eliminating HIV and improving the lives of HIV-positive people in Edmonton, Canada. HIV Tonight utilizes explicit imagery on nightclub posters, interactive postcards, and other targeted ads, all leading to an interactive website complete with games, quizzes and more that draw attention to the rising HIV rates among gay men in Edmonton.

The 2016 Clio Health winners have been announced. Find all Shortlist and winners here.