Game of Thrones | Bleed for the Throne

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Holding CompanyWarnerMedia
Production CompanyGiant Spoon, New York
Advertiser BrandHBO, New York
Advertising AgencyDroga5, New York
Entrant CompanyHBO, New York
Production Company (additional)Second Child, New York
EVP Consumer Marketing Chris Spadaccini / HBO
EVP Program Marketing Zach Enterlin / HBO
EVP Digital & Social MediaSabrina Caluori / HBO
SVP Digital & Social Media Jim Marsh / HBO
SVP, Program Marketing Sono Mitchell / HBO
SVP, Multicultural & International MarketingLucinda Martinez / HBO
VP, Program MarketingSteven Cardwell / HBO
Director, Program Marketing Alex Diamond / HBO
Manager, Program Marketing Krista Jackson / HBO
Coordinator, Program MarketingPaige Newman / HBO
Director, International Marketing Filippa Williams / HBO
Associate Manager, International Marketing Erin Parkin / HBO
VP, Digital & Social MediaEmily Giannusa / HBO
Manager, Digital & Social MediaDolly Meckler / HBO
Creative ChairmanDavid Droga / Droga5 NY
Chief Creative OfficerNeil Heymann / Droga5 NY
Group Creative DirectorAndrew Fergusson / Droga5 NY
Creative DirectorDustin Tomes / Droga5 NY
Creative DirectorJono Paull / Droga5 NY
Associate Creative CoordinatorAdrian Chan / Droga5 NY
Associate Creative CoordinatorLauren Ferreira / Droga5 NY
Art DirectorTobias Lindborg / Droga5 NY
CopywriterFelix Karlsson / Droga5 NY
Chief Design OfficerJason Severs / Droga5 NY
Design DirectorAnna Fine / Droga5 NY
Senior DesignerAlbie Eloy / Droga5 NY
Chief Creation Officer Sally-Ann Dale / Droga5 NY
Director Of Film ProductionJesse Brihn / Droga5 NY
Director of Interactive ProductionTasha Cronin / Droga5 NY
Art ProducerElena Baxter / Droga5 NY
Print ProducerRose Mahan / Droga5 NY
Head of Business AffairsJocelyn Howard / Droga5 NY
Business Affairs ManagerAbigail Press / Droga5 NY
Chief Strategy OfficerJonny Bauer / Droga5 NY
Group Strategy Director Will Davie / Droga5 NY
Group Communications Strategy DirectorSamantha Deevy / Droga5 NY
Communications Strategy Director Elsa Stahura / Droga5 NY
Group Data Strategy DirectorAnthony Khaykin / Droga5 NY
Senior Data Strategist Tradd Salvo / Droga5 NY
Chief Communications OfficerMarianne Stefanowicz / Droga5 NY
Managing DirectorDan Gonda / Droga5 NY
Group Account Director Lauren LaValle / Droga5 NY
Account DirectorOla Abayomi / Droga5 NY
Account SupervisorTori Tessalone / Droga5 NY
Account Manager Ashley Diddell / Droga5 NY
Head of Project ManagementPaul Eckelmann / Droga5 NY
Associate Director, Experiential David Jacobsen / Giant Spoon
Creative Director, Experiential Juliana Jaramillo / Giant Spoon
Associate Creative Director, ExperientialAleksander Garin / Giant Spoon
Senior Producer, ExperientialReed Whitney / Giant Spoon
Producer, ExperientialJustin McCoy / Giant Spoon
Producer, ExperientialAlexa Masano / Giant Spoon
Production Associate, ExperientialTrey Tetrault / Giant Spoon
Account Manager, Experiential Victoria Sobel / Giant Spoon
Junior Designer, Experiential Anthony Milano / Giant Spoon
Senior Art Director, Experiential Ignacio Linares / Giant Spoon
Creative Technologist, ExperientialPablo Gnecco / Giant Spoon
VP, Strategy DirectorAdam Wiese / Giant Spoon
Strategist Joe Bae / Giant Spoon
Creative DirectorIan Grody / Giant Spoon
Senior CopywriterWestley Taylor / Giant Spoon
Senior Art DirectorWan Kang / Giant Spoon
Associate Director, ContentBrais Revalderia / Giant Spoon
Graphics Manager Virginia Varas / Second Child
Graphics ProducerNereida Valles / Second Child
Retouching Producer Michael Mockler / Second Child
Senior RetoucherJohn Clendenen / Second Child
Senior RetoucherMike Vorasi / Second Child
Senior Retoucher Natasha Kaser / Second Child
Q.C. Manager Lisa Bishai / Second Child
Q.C. SpecialistHoyu Yiu / Second Child
Senior Production ArtistDon Ong / Second Child
Production ArtistGeorge McAvoy / Second Child
Production ArtistEmmanuel Perez / Second Child
Production ArtistJoseph Barrile / Second Child
Design DirectorPravin Chottera / Second Child
Senior Post Producer Francess Tom-Sahr / Second Child
Executive Director, National Headquarters Darren Irby / American Red Cross
Director, Celebrity and Entertainment Engagement Becky Sendrow / American Red Cross
Manager, Celebrity & Entertainment Engagement Andrew VanderLinden / American Red Cross
Manager, National Headquarters Marketing Courtney Junkin / American Red Cross
Marketing Program Manager, Biomedical Services Marketing Victoria Orban / American Red Cross
Sr. Digital Producer of Emerging TechSarah Milik / HBO
Associate Digital Producer of Emerging TechSamantha Garrison / HBO

This 2019 Clio Awards Shortlisted entry titled 'Game of Thrones | Bleed for the Throne' was entered for HBO by HBO, New York. The advertising agency is part of the holding company: WarnerMedia. The piece was submitted to the medium: Partnerships & Collaborations within the entry type: Product/Service. It consists of 1 video and 1 image.