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Alex Feil
Film Director
Believe Media

LOS ANGELES, USA // A native of Germany, Alex Feil was immersed in storytelling at a young age, growing up in a family of theater makeup artists. 

His pursuit of film began when he was a student working as an assistant film editor at a German TV station. 

Upon graduation, Alex continued his post-production work, immediately finding success as a freelance editor for both commercials and documentaries.

His commercial directorial work won all major awards (grand prix cannes, 30 gold, silver, bronze at cannes, one show, clio, lia, d&ad, adc).

His short film #homecoming about an old man who spends Christmas alone every year because his children simply don’t find the time to visit him earned over 80 million views on facebook and youtube.

The Gunn Report honored Alex's Mercedes-Benz "Sorry" to the hall of fame - best car commercials of all time worldwide.

He is a guest lecturer at the German film acadamy, member of the Art Directors Club and #1 German director over the last ten years in the Luerzers archive ranking. Recently his new ad “#Eatkarus” for healthy eating created excitement and controversial discussions around the globe.

Aside from the hustle, Alex likes to enjoy his family and surfing in Malibu.