Image of Bohong Deng

Bohong Deng
Dans Digital Technology

SHENZHEN, CHINA // Founder of Dans Digital, a top advertising director and producer in China. He has been on the CLIO Awards Jury twice.

As an MBA degree holder without any professional background in respect of art, film or advertising, at the age of 30, he entered the advertising industry as an amateur in 2003.

He was appraised as “3DS MAX MASTER” by AUTODESK for his influence on the industry in 2009.

In the 14 years since he entered the industry, he won 77 awards with his works in the various advertising and CG Animation competitions, including 13 gold awards.

He has initiated the technique of expression of growth animation, which has become the milestone in the field of architectural growth animation and has become one of the major techniques of expression.

He was the first to apply the traditional Chinese realistic paintings style in 3D animation.