Image of Urs Furrer

Urs Furrer
VFX Supervisor

SANTA MONICA, USA // An Australian transplant, Urs Furrer’s career in visual effects has led him across the globe, working in multiple markets including Australia, Europe and currently in the US as a VFX Supervisor and Flame artist at a52.

Most recently his work on Honda’s 2017 Superbowl commercial turned heads, adding to a list of top tier international clients and directors who turn to him to execute their vision. 

His work has received multiple accolades including Cannes Lions, Clios, Mobius Awards and LIAs and he continues to push boundaries to deliver ground-breaking work.

Whether hanging off cliffs in New Zealand, scaling frozen terrain in the Austrian Alps or capturing dawn in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, he is adept at bringing life to a film. 

With this wealth of experience, Urs’s focus always remains on the holistic vision for a project, with technology and processes taking a back seat. His work is seamless and retains a sense of realism, despite the technicalities at play behind the scenes. 

In his leisure time, Urs he been known to jump off battleships and enjoys being taller than Kanye West.