Image of Judy Tao

Judy Tao
Chief Creative Officer
Dentsu One Taipei

TAIPEI, TAIWAN // If Judy and her team hadn’t successfully rescued kiwifruit in time, you might not be able to find kiwifruit in Taiwan today. Judy and her team received a Cannes Lion (a first for Taiwan and the whole Greater China region) for the same work to build Taiwan’s kiwifruit market. But that’s not the only thing that gives Judy her legendary status in Taiwan, she has also helped clients build many multi-billion-dollar brands, including tea drink Cha Li Won, 7-Select, and Dr. Milker, to name just a few.

Judy joined Dentsu K 5 years ago. Since then, an agency that hadn’t won any creative awards for 15 years has turned into a creative flagship, winning more than 80 awards in 2015, including Spikes Asia, AdFest, New York Festivals, London International Awards, and the One Show Greater China.