Image of Emiliano Trierveiler

Emiliano Trierveiler
Creative Director
72andSunny Amsterdam

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS // A true Brazilian mutt, Emiliano comes from a German-Indigenous family.

At 12 he landed a job in the film industry. That is, his mom’s video rental shop, from where he went on to writing and losing his Latino skills on a 20-year advertising career across five countries, digging cultural truths and butchering languages in Prague, Berlin, Sweden and Amsterdam.

Proud employee #14 of what today is a 175 people 72andSunny Amsterdam, he helped win and grow some of the agency’s iconic brands, like Axe, Smirnoff and adidas, cementing the expansion and recognition among the most innovative companies in and beyond the industry.

He’s a deep believer in immersing and throwing an unbiased look into culture as a force for change. Opening space for often unheard voices to create work that helps brands make seismic progressive shifts.

One of the Creative Directors behind the Find Your Magic campaign, he helped Axe evolve, from a tired idea of manhood to a true voice for modern masculinity. Launched in the testosterone-fueled Super Bowl, it ignited a global debate, lead by women for the first time in the brand’s history, tripling the positive response and purchasing intention for Axe.

Re-positioning Smirnoff to embrace inclusivity when all vodkas praised being exclusive, the We’re Open campaign, with real stories of sexual, cultural and racial inclusion, gave Smirnoff a voice in youth culture, growing relevance and sales for the first time in a decade.

Hailing creativity as the difference maker for young athletes, he helped the Amsterdam office take the lead on adidas’ global creative duties, pushing the brand value up 58%, placing it among 2017’s Top 20 Risers.

Nurturing diverse, multicultural teams in Amsterdam and L.A., Emiliano has also held a seat in the Brazilian, German, Czech and Hungarian creative clubs. He hopes the seat’s still there.