Image of Jason Peterson

Jason Peterson
Chairman & CCO Havas Creative, North America
Havas Creative, U.S.

CHICAGO, USA // Jason M Peterson is the chairman and chief creative officer of Havas Creative, U.S. He’s known for igniting cultural conversations across all channels and understanding the critical role social media plays in brand storytelling and modern brand building.

He’s been the Head of Art for Volkswagen, founding partner and Executive Creative Director at Berlin Cameron, and co-president and Executive Creative Director at Translation, a marketing agency founded by Steve Stoute and JayZ.

A true social media junkie, Jason is one of the most influential social presences in Chicago; to date he has amassed more than 1 million Instagram followers. He's been invited to shoot President Obama’s farewell address, the Chicago Bulls, Lollapalooza and more with his sponsor, Leica.

Most recently, Jason was named as one of Business Insider’s 30 most creative people in advertising in 2016. If you see him on the street behind the lens of his camera, please say hello.