Image of Alok Saini

Alok Saini
Creative Director
McCann Health

Alok is an advertising industry professional with more than a decade of experience in healthcare, lifestyle, education and corporate communication categories.

The youngest creative director at McCann Health India, he has successfully led a team of talented professionals to industry recognised work on brands like Nestle Nutrition, Nestle Start Healthy Stay Healthy, Kwality, Omron, GSK, Healthcare at Home, and Dabur India Ltd. among others. He has also worked at McCann Torre Lazur’s London office for a year. Alok is one of the most awarded healthcare creatives in India, including honours from Clios, Effies, IPA Best of Health, Rx Club, Globals, Abbys, and other award shows.

With an equal affinity for arts and science, he enjoys working on challenging assignments, getting to the core of scientific problems and coming up with creative solutions for these. A drug molecule for him is as exciting as a piece of poetry- both having the potential to enrich lives.

For Alok, work is not only a means for materialistic ends but a source of emotional fulfillment as well. Happiest to be in the office on Monday mornings, he believes in the power of healthcare campaigns to bring about a positive difference in the lives they touch.