Image of Terri Goldstein

Terri Goldstein
Founder and CEO
The Goldstein Group

NEW YORK, USA // Terri Goldstein is the Founder & Principal of The Goldstein Group, a leading brand identity and package design firm located in NYC. Over a 25-year career, countless marketing and design executives from companies in the FMCG industries have turned to Terri and her team of brand strategists, graphic and industrial designers, researchers, and IP specialists including: Bayer HealthCare, Carma Labs, Heinz, Honeywell, Juggernaut Capital Partners, Merck, Panasonic, Sanofi and Unilever among others.

Terri is the author of breakthrough research on consumer behavior, recall and sensory motivation in both the retail and E-commerce environments, as detailed in her Shelf Sight Sequence™ and E-sight Sequence™ guiding principles. Her way-finding process for purchase behavior has uncovered a sequence of cognition in which a brand is seen, felt and understood, both on-shelf and online. Terri and her team DesignSmart™: they generate enduring brand value and measurable ROI by evolving a brand’s core identifiers according to a particular sequence of cognition in order to solidify a place in the hearts and minds of consumers. The firm’s scope of work includes iconic brands rich in heritage, RX/OTC switch, as well as new products searching for an identity in the marketplace today.

Terri has been featured on NBC 5 Chicago and FOX News as an expert in mind control at retail, has been profiled in Advertising Age (“Packaging Guru Proves What’s On Outside Counts—and Sells”, Dec. 2012), and was named by GDUSA as one of 2013’s People to Watch. She contributes regularly to such publications as Drug Store News, Women’s Wear Daily, Women in Leadership, Adweek, The Chicago Tribune, and Advertising Age.

Terri is an international speaker at USP Zdrowie, CHPA, HBA, The Marketing Institute, Nicholas Hall and many other organizations. She is often referred to as the “Brand Guru” and identifies as a global, visual brand strategist.