Image of Jill Abbott

Jill Abbott
Head of Consumer and Athlete Engagement

CHICAGO, USA // Jill Abbott is the Head of Consumer and Athlete Engagement at Gatorade.

Jill developed a strong acumen in multiple facets of marketing through her time on the Gatorade brand at PepsiCo, where she helped deliver an impressive brand turnaround over the course of five years. She went on to hold leadership positions at Bucketfeet (venture backed start up) Boulder Brands (high growth natural foods company) and PepsiCo’s Global Nutrition Group before headed back to Gatorade to usher Gatorade into its next generation of brand building and business growth.

Throughout her career, Jill has delivered brand strategies and marketing plans for companies looking to make an impact. Her experiences span big business down to scrappy startups. What remains consistent is her ability to deliver new and innovative ways to grow a strong brand.