Image of Richard Santiago

Richard Santiago
Executive Vice President, Creative
Live Nation

NEW YORK, USA // Be it music, technology, design, food, video games, bio-genetics or his bi-polar relationship with pop culture, Rich's expertise and interests are diverse and eclectic.

Over his career, Rich has guided some of the world's most beloved brands, including: Google, Starbucks, McDonald's, AT&T, CVS Health, Southwest Airlines, Bud Light, Altoids, Four Seasons, Patron, Barnes & Noble, Virgin, SC Johnson, iRobot, Panera Bread Co., Nickelodeon, Krispy Kreme, and Brand USA.

Today, he leads the music experience group at Live Nation.  

When Rich isn't making stuff, he enjoys taking pictures, dancing with his daughters, padding his stats in over-thirty basketball leagues, and bribing his dogs to fetch multi-colored tennis balls.