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Mary Nittolo
Founder / Creative Director

NEW YORK, USA // Mary Nittolo was born in Brooklyn and except for a two year stint in San Francisco has lived in NY her entire life. Her segue from street kid with a Rosie Perez accent to a degree in Philosophy and Comparative Religions to Founder and Creative Director is largely based on the native Brooklynite’s penchant for self invention.

Film Museum Exhibitions
From startups to global brands images

She founded the STUDIO, a creative production and animation company just over 30 years ago. Her clients include everyone from start-ups to major brands to museums, non-profits, etc., essentially creating for them the images that are needed to persuade, influence and inspire.

the STUDIO’s projects have included film, Museum exhibitions, Time Square & Stadium takeovers, installations, data visualization, internal communications, advertising, social media content, and so on, Mary has judged the:

AICP Awards for over a decade in various categories, AICP/DGA joint initiative The CCDP Diversity Awards, ADCOLOR Awards for six years in Ad of the Year and Change Agent categories and AAF Mosaic Award.

She has lectured or been on panels at:
FMX Animation Festival in Stuttgart
The Re: Design Conference in New York
The Digital Diversity Animation Panel during Advertising Week
The Art of Creativity Panel at Soho House
Rutgers, Ringling College, SVA& The Warrington College of Business Women’s Collaboratory for Innovators

She is a respected entrepreneur that has been recognized by the National Minority Business Council- Woman Entrepreneur of the Year, Smart CEO Magazine, WPO President’s Award, ASIFA East Woman In Animation Award (the first ever awarded), and ADCOLOR Unsung Hero award.

In addition to her role at the STUDIO, she is an adjunct professor at NYU and serves on the Advisory Board of AoIT High School in Brooklyn, NY.

She is proudest however of having been a single mother of two extraordinary daughters both active voices for social change.