Image of Doug Wilkinson

Doug Wilkinson
Global Head of 3D

LOS ANGELES, USA // Doug’s journey began in the mid nineties as student of computer science and art and has ever since placed himself in the center of where creativity and logic meet.

Captivated by the look of video games and visual effects of the early 90’s Doug’s appreciation for computer generated visuals was quickly married with his never ending quest to understand the process behind it all.

With this mandate he launched his career in VFX quickly rising to Commercials CG Supervisor at Digital Domain and working on some of their most challenging spots for Directors such as Brian Beletic, David Fincher and Joseph Kosinski.

Initially having worked with BUCK as early as 2005 he was instantly hooked on the unique challenges and visuals that emerged when combining the highest end CG processes with BUCK’s creatively unrestrained thinkers.

Doug has grown together with BUCK from the position of CG Lead at the then tiny shop of some 20 or so employees to become BUCK’s Global Head of 3D for the now worldwide company of more than 200. All this time Doug has led the 3D teams through tough challenges while working in concert with BUCK’s creative directors on numerous memorable and award winning spots.

As Global Head of 3D Doug helps to lead the teams, pipelines and workflows that shape the work they do on a daily basis. Doug’s always ready to take on the next challenge and has an endless passion to collaborate with the world's top creators and clients.

When not doing all things CG Doug can be found hiking the Angeles National Forest, tickling his two young kids and annoying his lovely wife of 13 years.