Image of Ricardo Marques

Ricardo Marques
VP Marketing, Core and Value Brands

NEW YORK, USA // Ricardo Marques has been championing the love for beer by growing some of the most iconic brands at Anheuser-Busch Inbev in Europe, South America and since 2012 in the US.

In his current role as VP Marketing, Core & Value Brands at Anheuser-Busch, Ricardo is leading a portfolio of billion dollar brands which include Busch, Natural Light and the global flagship brand Budweiser.

Under Ricardo’s leadership, Budweiser has “Turned beer into water” in support of disaster relief efforts, launched the prohibition era inspired Budweiser Reserve series co-branded with Jim Beam, added wind power to the recipe to brew with 100% renewable electricity and celebrated American culture through multiple award winning creative: “This Bud’s for 2”, “One Last Ride”, “Born the Hard way”, “Dream Delivered”, “Harry Caray’s Last Call” amongst others.

With the same passion for transformative ideas, Ricardo has delivered some of the most impactful programs and innovations across the portfolio leading Natural Light and Busch Light to become two of the top share gainers in the US beer market.

Ricardo believes in the power of diverse teams, purpose led brands and uncomfortable creative ideas.