Image of Robin Behling

Robin Behling

LONDON, UK // Way before his hair turned white, the 21-year-old Robin was being paid to hang out at many a music venue due to his enviable position of advertising manager for EMI Records in London.

Working alongside many of the world`s most iconic bands, including The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Kate Bush and David Bowie, he was responsible for launching some of the most influential albums in history.

This success within the music industry allowed him the transition across the entertainment arena into TV and Movies.

It is here, at Feref, where he became responsible for some of the world’s leading entertainment brands, creating many of the most successful, award-winning campaigns in the industry.

From the poster for Top Gun to Deadpool’s social campaign, Robin’s creativity has helped launch of over 1000 movies from every major film studio across the world, generating billions of dollars at the box office.

His natural ability to adapt to different market needs has helped to move the business into new arenas and new technologies, with campaigns involving Amazon Prime, Netflix and Google Home all being rolled out across international markets.

In the last 12 months alone Feref will have steered numerous campaigns for Star Wars, Mary Poppins, Rocketman, Bohemian Rhapsody and Men In Black.

Over four decades of being at the cutting edge of entertainment, of being part of an ever-changing media landscape, of perpetually evolving with the latest innovations may have changed his hair colour but his ethos remains the same, `Say it as it is, with integrity’.

Trusted and respected throughout the industry he continues to mentor the next generation at Feref, showing them how to challenge the norm, surprise audiences and achieve excellence.