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Brigitte Dajczer
SixtyFour Music

MONTREAL, CA // Brigitte Dajczer aka Briga is a composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist performer based in Montreal, Canada. She scores, produces, and creates music for Film, Advertising, Games and Television.

Be it for bespoke/commissioned work, or as the performing artist Briga, she has received several awards and nominations including the Canadian Juno Awards, the A.D.I.S.Q Awards, the European Game awards, and the Game Audio Network Guild Awards. She has released 4 albums under the artist name Briga, and performs her music for audiences in Europe, the United States and Canada including major festival such as South by SouthWest, the Vancouver Jazz Festival and the Montreal Jazz Festival.

Brigitte is also passionate about creating music/sound design for video games. Notable credits include string arrangements for Eidos’ : The Shadow of the Tomb Raider and League of Legends' Qiyana Theme, additional instrumentation for CAPCOM’s : Resident Evil Biohazard: 7 , and composing music for 4LGames’s Fracter: a beautiful adventure puzzle game set in a mysterious labyrinth of glowing black architecture.

This past year sees her working as an accomplished composer at SixtyFour Music (USA/UK), scoring BBDO’s Their World: Write the Wrong campaign, and The Last Column, an initiative launched by the Committee to Protect Journalists. She is also the go-to composer for Canadian film/TV director Stephane Lapointe (Faits Divers, No Wave, Lacher Prise), and Los Angeles based director Christopher Hewitt (SMUGGLER) for whom she scored music to his director’s cut of “AXA - Know You Can”.

Some TV credits include: Texas Metal, Dreamcatcher Bios and the documentary series Food 3.0. You can also hear her 1940's Hollywood era orchestral scoring in the feature length film: The Slippers, about the story behind the Wizard of Oz’s Ruby Red Slippers.

Brigitte’s versatility in a multitude of musical styles and her background with a Master in Visual Arts and Film, makes her an artist for whom anything is possible.