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Johnnie Frankel
Rattling Stick

LONDON, UK // Johnnie Frankel has many nicknames, most not printable here, but foremost he’s the ‘President’ of Rattling Stick. He is the epitome of the company motto ‘work hard and be nice to people’, has an eclectic art collection (to say the least), and a sense of humour to rival any comedian.

Johnnie started out as a tennis coach in Durham before getting his first job in the industry as a runner at a dubbing studio in Soho. From there he was a projectionist, sound assistant, dubbing assistant and editor's assistant at Daniels Garland and Walter. This paved the way to RSA where he started as a PA before swiftly climbing the ranks to Producer at Blink. After producing for Daniel Kleinman for many years, the pair established Rattling Stick with Ringan Ledwidge in 2006.

These days Johnnie still produces for Daniel... when he’s not dreaming of being a super club DJ.