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Courtney Walker
Managing Director

NEW YORK, USA // I love to understand what makes people tick and why do people do the things that they do. Understanding motivation creates empathy and empathy creates goodness.

I am one of the veterans at Goodfuse and I am the senior lead for a number of key clients. I have seen us blossom into full-service agency with deep experience in areas that count for our clients, and I can't wait to see what the future holds.

I think that the key to do this job is really to be a detective, because most people don't have the words to express their experience. You understand people by their inferences, their body language and the spaces in between of what they do say. To be in concert with your audience, whether it is a client, a colleague or even a patient or doctor, you not only have to have technical experience but also a fine-tuned ear to understand what people are communicating. And that's been at heart of any success that I have had.

I have 25 years+ experience working with healthcare companies of all stripes - medical device, biotechnology, pharmaceutical and healthcare technology - to research, craft and tell their story. And I bring this level of listening and empathy to all of my assignments - whether it is an FDA Approval for a combination oncology therapy, raising awareness of a company in the fraught obesity space to conducting two live Webcasts with beauty media launching a new line of dermal fillers during a global pandemic.

I was born in Columbia, South Carolina, grew up Pittsburgh, undergrad in Columbus, Ohio, grad school in Portland, Oregon off to Los Angeles and then in NYC with twins, a husband and a dog, Coco Walker.