Image of Jill Abbott

Jill Abbott
Head of Consumer and Athlete Engagement

CHICAGO, USA // Jill Abbott currently serves as Head of Consumer and Athlete Engagement for Gatorade, where she spearheads the brand’s integrated marketing campaigns and initiatives.

In this role, she leads the team in developing best-in-class 360 marketing campaigns, crafting strategies that marry advertising, digital and social media, E-Commerce, branded content, paid media, as well as experiential marketing.

As a PepsiCo veteran, Jill honed her brand management and marketing acumen by working in a variety of posts including Gatorade’s hydration business and PepsiCo’s Global Nutrition Group. She was the driving force behind brand strategy, media partnerships, branded content campaigns, and delivered on growth expectations.

In between tenures at PepsiCo, Jill was Head of Brand Marketing for Boulder Brands and dove into start-up marketing, serving as Vice President of Marketing for the fashion and footwear start-up Bucketfeet, where she guided the integrated marketing communication efforts, including brand development and positioning, for the venture-backed e-commerce brand.

Jill earned her BA from Washington University in St. Louis in Anthropology and later received an MBA from Georgetown University.