Image of Brent Allen  Hagel

Brent Allen Hagel
Owner & Talent Development Manager
Trailer Voice Artists Agency

THOUSAND OAKS, USA // Brent Allen Hagel, TVA’s founder, got his start in high school working in background extra work on sets for shows like Fox’s Malcom in the Middle and Disney’s Lizzie McGuire. On set Brent learned about ADR sound performance and capture. This simple lesson in ADR sparked a lifelong love of voice over. In addition to being a talent himself, Brent is the Talent Development Manager at Trailer Voice Artists Agency, working with emerging artists. In this role at TVA, Brent provides creative marketing teams same day direct access to industry leading voice artists for campaigns. The word spread about his voice directing and teaching skills and soon industry leaders such as Promax Global asked Brent to be a guest director in a first-ever series of voice over sessions to help producers communicate more fluidly with talent for stronger performances. TVA is reimagining voice over services for a new generation and era. TVA challenges all it’s artists to voice their potential or as we like to say, “We Go To Finish.”