Image of Ipar  L'Aimable

Ipar L'Aimable
Global Creative Director
Zero Degrees West

LONDON, UK // Ipar L’Aimable, known to his friends as ‘Ips’ is a London based Global Creative Director who wears his heart on his sleeve… alongside his tattoos.

He specializes in Creative Storytelling across all mediums. A passion for innovating and creating has taken him from New York Film School via a brief stint at Law School, to Los Angeles, Toronto, Beijing... even all the way to Shoreditch.

Following an early career in Animation, a move into Advertising and Entertainment has allowed him to combine strategy with narrative, the blood that flows through his veins. A hirsute gent with a portfolio of work for global clients, showing a unique breadth and depth of craft, which has enabled Cannes Lions, D&ADs and even a BAFTA to firmly rest in the palm of his hands.

When Ips isn’t conjuring up creative, he spends his time going to remote holiday destinations with his wife, listening to movie scores and supporting his friends’ creative endeavours as jewelry designers, brewers, musicians and artists.

He strongly believes in the creative community and upholding the craft that keeps us inspired, imaginative and curious.