Image of Sean  DallasKidd

Sean DallasKidd
Partner & CCO

SAN FRANCISCO, USA // Sean DallasKidd is a business savvy creative leader with more than 15 years of communications experience. He has had the opportunity to design creative solutions for industry leaders like: Visa, Treasury Wine Estates, EA, Discovery and others. And while he has worked across both national and international accounts, he has also partnered with startups to help make their brands a part of culture to drive “talk-ability”, engagement and relevance.

His foundation comes from the world of publishing, which has helped to shape his approach to storytelling today. His editorial approach helps brands define their story and to identify who and where to communicate it and how to engage with their audience(s).

Sean believes that a purpose driven strategy creates more holistic, platform agnostic approaches, which leads to deeper brand engagement and long-term business growth. He believes that the key to converting a target into an advocate lies in getting the right message, to the right people at the right time and on the right channel— be it digitally or IRL. He believes that by identifying the opportunity space: what's the authentic shared space between the brand/ product, audience and "the times" you can convert those insights into courageous acts that appeal, attract and retain consumers and relevance going forward.

Though Sean has amassed numerous awards over his career, what he values most is the business success it has brought to his brand partners, and the storytelling opportunities for his creative collaborators. He believes that in order to achieve these transformative outcomes agencies must first cultivate trust, empathy and a true understanding of their client’s business. With an eye for bold creative, and a focus on delivering solutions, Sean DallasKidd is a nimble creative leader who embraces the changing landscape as an opportunity to tell powerful truths in exciting ways that move business and redefine brand communication.