Image of Anna  Godunova

Anna Godunova
Head Of On-Air Promotion

MOSCOW // Anna has over 13 years of TV marketing experience. As a member of on-air promo teams of a number of Russia’s leading TV channels, she has worked her way up from a copywriter to the department head. Anna is the creator, the motivator and the “player-coach” of TNT4, Russia’s most distinguished TV channel in terms of the number of international awards in marketing. Her team can boast about 70 Promax, Golden Trailer and Clio Entertainment awards – more than any other creative team in Russia. For the last 5 years, through their resonating cases they have been showing the world that on-air promotion is not just ordinary syncs accompanied by pack shots, but a high art with a deep meaning. Their goal is not only to promote, but to impact and impress, regardless of content.

Starting from July 2018, Anna has also been the Head of On-Air promotion for Match Premier football TV channel. And recently she’s become a music producer for a young but popular Russian band, Moydamay, made up of TNT4’s on-air promo team.