Image of Nicole  Fawcette

Nicole Fawcette
Senior Marketing Communications Lead

Nicole is a talented creative marketer at Xbox focused on authentic, meaningful and representative storytelling that surprises and delights video games fans around the world. She currently works on some of Xbox’s largest and acclaimed franchises: Gears of War, Forza and Fable.

Her focus on empathetic and inclusive marketing – an understanding of our game fans as layered humans paired with a fearlessness to do the right thing - has worked to elevate Xbox marketing efforts past sales and revenue, and into meaningful programs that matter.

Nicole led the blockbuster marketing campaign for Gears 5 to become the biggest first party release of Gen 8 on Xbox. Most recently, in partnership with the WWE, Nicole worked to launch WWE Superstars “The New Day” into Gears 5 as playable multiplayer characters. Known for the “Power of Positivity,” The New Day entered the WWE Survivor Series ring in their custom Gears 5 armor bringing the wrestling and video game worlds together.

Nicole is an active advocate for women in the gaming industry, and led Xbox’s Women in Gaming team for three years. Her main accomplishment includes building and hosting the largest Women in Gaming Rally in 2019 at GDC with over 700 women attendees and cross-industry partners like Ubisoft, EA, Facebook and more in an effort to create more cohesion and support for the female, female-identifying and non-binary people in the games industry.