Image of Wolfgang  Warzilek

Wolfgang Warzilek
Creative Director
BBDO Group Germany

BERLIN, GERMANY // Wolfgang Warzilek is a creative director at BBDO Group Germany, where he oversees international campaigns for clients including WhatsApp and Ford.

After working as a ceramist in his early 20s, Wolfgang changed his career path and moved to Vienna to study graphic design and advertising at the University of Applied Arts.

His new vocation started with a passion for graphic design and branding accompanied by a strong conceptual focus. This passion for conceptual work led him into advertising.

In 2014, he moved to Berlin to work as an art director, which opened his field of work to bigger brands and a wider audience. Since then, he has worked on a range of campaigns that go from local projects for Fisherman’s Friend to global car launches for Mercedes Benz. Over the past seven years, his work has been recognized and awarded internationally.

His daily motivation is to infuse every project with stories and soul in order to generate something that resonates with their audience.