Image of Emanuele  Madeddu

Emanuele Madeddu
Sn Director Brand Strategy and Branding

WASHINGTON DC, USA // I lead Brand Strategy and Branding at PayPal where my team and I are responsible for defining our role, elevating our output, and driving consistency in how the Brand (and house of Brands) shows up in the world.

Recently, I spent over 11 years at National Geographic where I launched tv channels globally, digital products, brand and impact initiatives, unified every single division under one branding system and inspired consumers to be more curious and take responsibility for the world. I have successfully led the brand transition to a new, premium destination, across all the tv, social, digital, editorial and experience channels.

I’m passionate about entertaining and delighting consumers.
I believe that people connect with products and brands on a subliminal emotional level first.
I believe in the combination of insight and creative excellence to drive performance.
I believe that an authentic brand purpose drives long-lasting connections and advocacy.