Image of Nicoletta  Stefanidou

Nicoletta Stefanidou
Chief Creative Officer
Tinker Tailor

ZÜRICH, SWITZERLAND // Nicoletta Stefanidou Co-founder and chief creative officer Tinker Tailor Ltd Hong Kong & Zürich. In her journey to becoming chief creative officer of the global digital brand agency Tinker Tailor, Nicoletta Stefanidou has worked across countries and continents; Most recently, taking 20 years of experience in branding and applied consumer design and digital applications, combined with her passion for reinventing the industry, Stefanidou co-founded Tinker Tailor, a new breed of industry-disrupting creative agency focused on tailoring remote teams to suit their clients’ needs, and bringing in the very best creative ‘tinkers’ from around the globe to offer a more agile and effective way of working.

Since fully co-founding Tinker Tailor, within just 12 months, Stefanidou has grown the agency at an unprecedented speed leading to the expansion of a second office in Zürich. This has included building an international network of partners and talents across the globe. In addition, Stefanidou has driven and led multiple pitches in 2020/21, of which her team won Schneider Electrics, Shiseido Shanghai Innovations Lab, Steelcase and Huawei as a new clients.

Closely connected to the global creative community and a member of the One Club, Stefanidou is a regular judge on the international creative awards scene, judging at the Cannes Lions, the Clios, One Show, Spikes Asia, Effies, the NY Festival and many more. Nicoletta has been nominated by campaign ‘Woman to watch greater China 2021’ and was Shortlisted by Campaign ‘Woman Leading Change as Creative Captain 2021’.