Image of Alina  Schlaier

Alina Schlaier
Design Director

COLOGNE, GERMANY // Alina Schlaier is director of design in denkwerk. In her projects she always focuses on the individual and deals with the question how brand new technologies influence our everyday live and how to shape this influence in a positive way. With this same intention, she started the THINX Lab in denkwerk eight years ago. It is the space for experimental research on the key question and for developing innovative projects. The list of results is long with a phone that transfers emotions, a VR APP that simulates and allows to experience synesthesia or an AI that paints as a co-creator with illustrators. For her work Alina has received numerous national and international awards.

In addition to her work as a design director, Alina co-founded a startup company in the U.S. with Stanford mathematician and powerwoman Dr. Jo Baoler that will provide true equity in math education for all children.

She lives with her husband and daughter in Germany.