Image of Giovanni  Bucci

Giovanni Bucci
Director / Creative Director
Void ‘N’ Disorder

LOS ANGELES, USA // Dutch-Italian Giovanni Bucci, Co-Founder of video production studio Void ‘N’ Disorder, is an award-winning director/creative director. Thanks to his background in motion design and VFX, Gio’s understanding of the entire production process enables him as a director to brainstorm different innovative ideas with the most successful outcome in mind.

Known for blending live action and VFX, all infused with a distinctive, provocatively dark and futuristic look, Gio has collaborated with a range of high-end brands, such as Netflix, Sony, Red Bull, and MTV. He has also directed music videos for the likes of Fleshgod Apocalypse and Korn; the videos for “Never Never” and “Love & Meth '' went onto win awards at the Telly Awards, the UK Film Festival and the American Movie Awards. Similarly, he conceives and directs music videos for his own band, ODDKO which is steadily gaining traction and their outlandish award winning music videos (Telly Awards, LA Music Video Awards), have garnered a few million views on YouTube.

Furthermore, Gio served as a trusted Judge for a number of those aforementioned awards, and has had his work celebrated in a myriad of respected industry publications such as Rolling Stone, Stash and Computer Arts, thus cementing his place as an esteemed individual in the industry.