Image of Gabriela  Scardaccione

Gabriela Scardaccione
Global Creative Director, Mother Family

LONDON, UK // Gabriela has been part of Mother for as long as she can remember.

She started her career back in Buenos Aires as an Art Director and worked in some of the most renowned international networks.

A decade later, Gabriela decided to take a year out and live in Europe. After landing in her favourite city, London, she took as many courses as she could get her hands on – studying drawing, typography and photography at Central Saint Martins and London College of Communication. Two years later and nearly on the verge of bankruptcy, Gabriela decided to stay in London, so she looked for a job, together with her partner Carlos Bayala.

Their entrance into Mother would not only forever change the course of their professional fate, but also go down as one of the most unusual things to ever happen in agency history.

Mother had only recently been founded and was at that point just twenty people strong, so upon interview they were told that they were far too senior. Not willing to take a no as an answer, they asked them to be taken on under the guise of students, hungry for work experience. With feet firmly wedged in the door they proceeded to win a pitch for Coca Cola which ensured them a job offer from founding partner, Robert Saville.

The rest is history.

They founded Madre in Buenos Aires in 2005 and were soon considered one of the region’s leading agencies in terms of strategy, creativity, culture and good business practices.

Gabriela is back in London - her favourite place in the world- working alongside the Mother Family partners, making sure she spread Mother's vision for the years to come.