Image of Hana  Kovacevic

Hana Kovacevic
Executive Creative Director
DOING part of Capgemini

MILAN, ITALY // Hana Kovacevic is the Executive Creative Director at DOING, a creative digital company that became part of Capgemini in 2018. Born in Sarajevo, Hana moved to Prague and then to Italy to pursue a career in the creative industry. From Fullsix in 2006, she continued her professional path in WPP and then Publicis before reaching DOING in 2014.

Hana believes in the power of a creative idea translated into multiple touchpoints by combining strategy-driven creativity, design and technology. She applies a multidisciplinary approach to projects with the aim of delivering unique and effective customer experiences. An approach she “trial tests” daily starting right at home with her newborn and a 5 year old son.