Image of Frank Mazzola

Frank Mazzola
Global CCO, Real Chemistry
Co-Founder & CCO, 21GRAMS

NEW YORK, USA // Some say they take risks, others actually do. Following a highly successful run as ECD of McCann Health NY, helping it become one of the most awarded offices in health, Frank decided to take his career in a different direction. Joining a small group of entrepreneurs, he left the holding company life to start a small independent agency called 21GRAMS. The name, based on the 1907 experiment to uncover the weight of the soul, defined the agency’s philosophy and approach, singularly focused on what makes people (patients and HCPs alike) tick. The goal: Make advertising less of an interruption and a lot more welcome, because it actually “gets” you.

Success came quickly. 21GRAMS became one of the fastest growing agencies in the world, going from around 40 people in 2018 to close to 400 in 2021. Acquired by W2O Group in 2020, in a partnership that added world class data, analytics, and a global presence to 21GRAMS’ capabilities – the parent company became Real Chemistry. Recently, Frank was asked to extend his remit as Co-Global CCO of 21GRAMS to become Real Chemistry’s creative lead as well.

A believer in the mantra “medicine should be more inspiring than sneakers”, Frank has maintained that the creative bar in health is no different than the brands we love. Under his leadership, 21GRAMS has created a comedy/reality show series for hemophilia, a technology that turns art into music for non-verbal children with severe epilepsy, the most successful Twitch event in healthcare history, and so much more. For 2020 and 2021, 21GRAMS has been ranked a top 5 health agency in the world by Cannes. A success owed to the amazing partners, people, and clients that make it what it is.

As pretentious as a bio of this length sounds, he doesn’t own a single fedora, indoor scarf, or all black outfit. He barely looks creative at all. But he’s working on it. Okay, that part’s a lie. Frank has been a bridesmaid on several juries (including Clios), but never the bride. This Clio Health jury is Frank’s first to lead. No politics. No favoritism. Just a celebration of the world’s best work.