Image of Angela  Campigotto-Harrison

Angela Campigotto-Harrison
Executive Creative Director
1798, A Fingerpaint Company

SARATOGA SPRINGS, USA // Angela Harrison is an award-winning creative leader with more than 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical marketing and advertising space. Born and raised in Ohio, she packed up after graduation from the University of Cincinnati and drove a Uhaul to NYC to chase her dreams of becoming an advertising copywriter. As you can guess, not only did she catch up to that dream, but she has run right past it to create thought-provoking and internationally recognized work.

While Angela might be most sought after for her work on the Concussion Legacy Foundation’s Tackle Can Wait campaign, which brought in over 25 awards including multiple Clio awards, one of which was a Clio Grand, Angela can also tackle the quiet, behind the scenes work that makes creative problem solving seem like magic. Because according to Angela, There is no problem that creativity can’t solve.

It’s the thrill of the challenge, the opportunity to bring new ways of thinking to every client, every job, every team that has driven her from answering phones at Saatchi and Saatchi, to becoming the Executive Creative Director for 1798.

Over the years Angela made her rounds through some of biggest advertising networks the country has to offer and along the way picked up experience across a broad range of therapeutic areas. She has helped launch countless products into the world, while also helping others see success in their sunset years. And while she enjoys the work of the day-to-day creativity, she also loves bringing the best creative out of those around her. Fostering a team approach where people feel safe to voice any and all ideas is the foundation on which her teams build outstanding creative.

Married to an animator and film creator, the creativity churns 24/7. And when not trying to solve problems for her clients, Angela is most likely helping her kids solve math problems on their homework (and failing) or trying to figure out where the dogs ran off to with the shoes (also failing).

Angela is on the National Board of Directors for the Concussion Legacy foundation and also serves as a Family Ambassador for the foundation, reaching out to other families that are considering brain donation for a loved one.