Image of Amy Fortunato

Amy Fortunato
SVP, Creative Director
The Bloc

NEW YORK, USA // Amy Fortunato is an award-winning creative director with experience working in NYC and London. As a student of human behavior, she has always been attracted to advertising due to its ability to effect positive change. Her degree in Anthropology and Sociology was the perfect stepping stone into a world where a truly great piece of work can change mindsets, and even save lives.

She has experience leading creative teams, developing brand strategy, and executing successful 360° campaigns for health & wellness, pharmaceutical, and beauty brands. She is a co-inventor of Scrollaby, a sleep app that hacks into the nightly habit of doomscrolling to allow users to scroll through content crafted and curated for the sole purpose of sleep.

Amy also believes in giving back and have dedicated her creativity to nonprofits and social issues. She was part of the team that created Skindeep, an animated film for EmpowHer NY that helped bring attention to the emotional and psychological consequences of race-based traumatic stress. Her her work for diaTribe to combat childhood diabetes and the International Women’s Health Coalition to raise awareness and action around child marriage were both effective and creatively recognized.

Amy is passionate about inspiring the new generation of creatives in the industry and serves as a creative mentor in The One Club’s Mentor & Creative program.