Image of Diana Janicki

Diana Janicki
Executive Creative Director
TBWA\World Health

LONDON, UK // When I set out from Australia, I had no idea my journey would take me to Sweden. Surrounded by blue-eyed blondes and thick pine forests, I concepted many projects for the superbrand, IKEA, a role that took me across the globe. Consequently, I speak Swedish, an exceptional party trick.

As a creative director with 15 years focused primarily on digital media, I've championed immersive brand experiences at some of the UK’s top digital and integrated marketing agencies. These include, DLKW, Iris Worldwide, RAPP, Publicis, and Tribal DDB.

I’ve led global web developments for many of the world’s top brands, including British Airways, Bacardi, Barclays, Dulux, Nintendo, Orange, Unilever and Philips to name a few. Before joining TBWA, I worked for the Barclays banking group, developing new ways for customers to transact on mobile and native apps.  

Healthcare and TBWA/PW is a fascinating chapter for me, and I've now spent a few years focused on brands like Roche, Astra Zeneca, GSK, Sandoz and Pfizer, transforming what health and wellbeing can mean for all of us.

I’m really excited about bringing my experience into the mix, helping our clients make sense of where media, content, technology and people collide.