Image of Joe Tocci

Joe Tocci
Assoicate Creative Director

NEW YORK, USA // Joe Tocci brings over 15 years of professional experience in creative and art direction to PALIO. He has considerable expertise in strategy, creative development, branding, and management. Tocci has extensive experience in pharmaceutical, B2B and consumer advertising.

Joe comes to PALIO from Grey Healthcare Group where he was vice president associate creative director and led creative on Colgate Palmolive US/Global. In this position, he led brand teams through strategy, creative development, staffing, and management and helped build new business opportunities to expand Colgate Palmolive’s reach to new digital mediums. Since joining Palio, Tocci dedicated his leadership and skill set to the GILEAD HIV therapy, STRIBILD. Tocci brings extensive knowledge to device and diagnostics through his experience with Ethicon Eno-Surgery. Tocci rounds out his experience with a blend of b2b and consumer, working for clients such as Kodak, DuPont, Bausch and Lomb, Element K, and Lycra with Saatchi and Saatchi.