Image of Steve Robertson

Steve Robertson
Creative Director
Buddha Jones

LOS ANGELES, USA // Steve has been a part of the trailer business since 2002.  He started as a runner, and then graduated to answering phones and serving as an executive assistant for some of the biggest and best houses in town.  He was terrible at all of these jobs, and was politely asked to “follow other dreams.”  Those other dreams brought him to Buddha Jones in 2006 where he conned his way into becoming a writer and eventual producer.  He now serves as the Creative Director of Buddha, and he can’t believe that he gets to work with some of the most talented and creative folks in the business.  In his day to day Steve leads an amazing team of writers, and has the privilege to collaborate with top producers, editors, and designers in A/V, Broadcast, and Games.  He has won several Key Art and Golden Trailer awards for a myriad of campaigns ranging from No Country For Old Men to The Muppets.

When he’s not working, Steve enjoys his beautiful wife Rebecca.  That sounded wrong, let me rephrase.  Steve married the love of his life and best friend in 2007, and they have an amazing life together with their dog Sammie Pants.  Steve’s hobby’s include drinking beer, and trying to lose weight from drinking so much beer.  He is honored to be a judge for this year’s awards.