Image of Sanaz Lavaedian

Sanaz Lavaedian
Director of Music

LOS ANGELES, USA // Sanaz Lavaedian is a Music Supervisor based in Los Angeles. As an LA native, Sanaz has always been captivated with the symbiotic relationship between music and visual media. After graduating from UCLA, she set her sights on music supervision for Film/TV & Trailers.

Sanaz started out as a music coordinator for Robin Kaye’s SynchroniCity in 2009.

In 2010, Sanaz joined Reel Music. Under the guiding mentorship of Robin Urdang , Sanaz worked on projects such as ABC’s Brothers & Sisters, FOX’s The Good Guys, USA’s Burn Notice, Rabbit Hole, Pirahna 3D, L!fe Happens, The Oranges and 2011’s critically acclaimed Beginners.

In 2010, Sanaz joined forces with Music Supervisor/ DJ Extraordinaire Patrick Belton to create Off The Record Music Supervision. Patrick and Sanaz have completed two films including “Some Guy Who Kills People”(John Landis/ Kevin Corrigan) and “The Giant Mechanical Man” (Jenna Fischer/ Topher Grace/ Chris Messina).

Sanaz is now a Director of Music at mOcean, an entertainment advertising, marketing, branding, and production company located in Burbank and West LA who are united in their pursuit of the Big Idea.

Sanaz has worked on trailers and campaigns for Mad Max, Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, Deadpool along with hundreds of other film and television campaigns .

At mOcean, Sanaz not only works with mOcean’s theatrical crew on trailers, she gets to support projects in consumer brands, broadcast, home entertainment, and more.