Image of Caio Rubini

Caio Rubini
Film Director
Hungry Man Productions

SAO PAULO, BRAZIL // Caio Rubini is a film director based in São Paulo most known for his work with humor and massive online hits.

He's the name behind Heineken's "The Cliché" - the brand's most watched video of all time with 23 million views. Aside from working documentary-style branded content, Rubini also masters the art of storytelling with a humorous approach.

Famous by his contagious laugh, Caio is able to craft unique pieces of comedy filled with sarcasm and acid humor.

One of his most successful campaigns was created under a script with two women in an office filmed in shot/reverse-shot style. The good ol'-there's-no-need-for-anything-else way. Pure work with actors.

His directing career started at an early age. In advertisement, he's got a decade on his back. A director that has a fresh look but adds up the savoir-faire that only the ups and downs can teach.

Now, with 32 years old, he has already won 47 trophies amongst all major creativity festivals: Clio, Cannes, One Show, LIA and El Ojo, including the first Brazilian White Pencil at the D&AD.

It takes Rubini 15 minutes to get to Hungry Man’s office in São Paulo every sunny day.

Father of a 7 years old boy, he enjoys doing the dishes and dreams of returning to his once-famous band "Primeiros de Janeiro" (January’s Firsts). They used to play once a year, only on new year's eve.