Image of Stephanie Berman

Stephanie Berman
The Bloc

NEW YORK, USA // Since she joined The Bloc (then known as The CementWorks) in 2003, Stephanie has been a continual driver of the company’s creative vision. Today, she leads the creative department along with partner Elizabeth Elfenbein, where they drive innovative ideas and industry firsts.

Stephanie is also part of the management team leading Indigenus, the largest global network of independent healthwellness communication companies, where she instills a collaborative, multi-local approach to developing global brands.

She is the Editor in Chief of IF, a global thought leadership publication that brings together different voices from different countries and different fields to offer a diverse perspective on today’s healthwellness environment.

Stephanie has created and directed award-winning work across multiple countries, multiple customers, and multiple channels, and brings experience from a variety of diverse sectors, including financial services, technology, leisure, energy, and nonprofit. Stephanie began her career in the United Kingdom, and has been based in the US for 20 years.