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Clio Entertainment 2021 Eligibility Questions

  • What work is eligible for the 2021 program?

    Because the 2020 Clio Entertainment award program was suspended, any work that could have been entered in the 2020 program will also be eligible for the 2021 program. Therefore, entries first appearing in public between June 1, 2019 - August 31, 2021 are eligible for entry into this year's Clio Entertainment Awards.

  • How will judging two years worth of entries work?

    As it’s always been, during the Clio Entertainment judging process there is no minimum or maximum number of statues that need to be awarded. The jury reserves the right to award as many or as few entries as they see fit in a particular medium or category. This ensures that the work is not judged against each other, but simply by its own merit. It also ensures that any worthy piece can be awarded, no matter how many entries were submitted.

  • What are the different entry-types for Clio Entertainment?

    The 2021 Clio Entertainment program has 4 entry-types this year:

  1. Theatrical - This refers to new movie titles released in theaters, at a film festival, or theater-at-home, and/or any film that is Academy Award eligible. This also refers to any entries promoting a movie studio.
  2. Television/Streaming - This refers to any first-run or syndicated content released on a television or a streaming network and/or any content that is Emmy eligible. It can also refer to podcasts and web series that are streamed online. This also includes any entries promoting a broadcast or streaming network.
  3. Games - This refers to all games for sale, rent or subscription that are produced for consoles, handheld devices, mobile devices or online. This also refers to any entries promoting a publishing company, console company or a collection of games.
  4. Home Entertainment - This refers to titles released for rental or purchase on Blu-ray or DVD or transactional video-on-demand. This also refers to any entries promoting a movie studio, broadcast or streaming network, or a legacy entertainment intellectual property (IP) for Home Entertainment purposes.
  • What about movies that were supposed to have a theatrical release, but due to the pandemic were released via VOD or streaming, should they be entered in the theatrical or television/streaming entry-type?

    We at Clio Entertainment follow the standard set by the major industry award programs, the Academy Awards and the Emmys. If a film is Academy eligible, it should be entered in theatrical, and if it is eligible for an Emmy, into Television/Streaming. Generally speaking, new films that had any sort of theatrical release planned, should be entered into the Theatrical entry type, regardless of where the film was eventually released during the pandemic. Home Entertainment remains as an entry-type for blu-ray/DVD releases, legacy properties, or for VOD titles that never would have been released theatrically.

  • What about work done during COVID-19 during shelter-in-place orders or other production restrictions?

    We encourage you to enter this work and include information in the entry synopsis regarding the restrictions you faced during production. Our 2021 juries will be briefed to pay attention to this information and account for it in their judging of the piece’s creativity Also, we have expanded our experiential/events categories to include virtual events.

  • What about the Live Entertainment entry type?

    Due to the fact that most of the Live Entertainment industry continues to be shut down, we have decided to suspend the Live Entertainment entry type for the 2021 program. It will return in 2022.

  • Your question not answered here?

    Please read through our general program’s FAQ here or contact us at