Clio Entertainment DEI Spotlight

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A more diverse, equitable and inclusive future isn't possible without access, opportunity and empowerment. Clio Entertainment, in partnership with Amazon Prime Video, would like to thank the following organizations for leading the charge towards the future we need to build together.

We hope you will join us in finding new ways to lean in, listen up and take action. Learn more about these organizations and get involved.

Creative Coalition of Color

A coalition in the film marketing and creative advertising communities, whose mission is to find, hire and cultivate traditionally underrepresented talent through education and mentorship

Ways to get involved

  • Post a job- If you’re with an agency, post your job and internship listings on the form linked below
  • Subscribe- Subscribe to our newsletter for info on Job Listings and upcoming Industry Panels
  • Join us- Email us if you want to become a member agency, or with any questions

Ways to get in touch

You can see our job listings, schedule of events, and more on our site at Post your job and internship listings through our form. If you want to be a ‘member agency’ or have questions, send inquiries to


Focused on changing the face of Hollywood by giving underserved LA-based teenagers access to professional-level filmmaking programs and employment opportunities.

Film2Future is promoting change by giving underserved youth access to education and employment opportunities. But we can only accomplish our goals with your help.

Ways to get involved

  • Be a speaker- Share your wisdom at a programming event
  • Production company challenge- Hire a Film2Future student and provide invaluable work experience
  • Corporate partnerships- Support F2F with assistance in the form of equipment, space, swag, or food
  • Donate- Help us provide an A+ program that includes transportation, meals, and equipment

Ways to get in touch

You can donate at or email to get involved!

ReVision Movement

ReVision Movement connects the Entertainment Marketing community with action oriented programs that provide resources and tools to improve BIPOC recognition and inclusion at work.

Ways to get involved

  • Reach out- If you are interested in piloting programs, showcasing your organization within our industry, spotlighting yourself or the company you work for, have job openings or are looking for a new job-we want to get to know you!
  • Learn more- We are getting ready for our first ever executive mentorship and a student mentorship/bootcamp program with various non profits and students within LAUSD.
  • Join together- It takes all of us to make our industry more inclusive with equity and diverse voices.
  • Subscribe- Join us on LinkedIn, or visit our website to subscribe to our newsletter

Ways to get in touch

You can subscribe on our website at, follow us on LinkedIn, or email us at

ONE School

The ONE School helps Black creatives create world-class portfolios via free access to some of the industry’s best talent and leadership programs.

Ways to get involved

  • Become a sponsor- Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors we are able to offer the 16-week course free to every single student. Sponsorship is the best way to become actively involved in this industry-changing initiative. To learn more about sponsorship, please contact us at
  • Encourage applicants- Do you know someone who should apply for ONE School? Have them follow us on Instagram @oneschoolus for the most up-to-date information on the school, including when applications open for each semester.
  • Share your talent- Are you a Black creative looking to share your talent and knowledge by mentoring the next generation? Please fill out our mentor interest form and we will reach out to you when it is time to pair the next class of students.

Ways to get in touch

For mentorship opportunities, fill out our mentor interest form. To learn about sponsorship, email Check out for more details.

Soapbox Women, Women of Color, and Moms

Soapbox Women is a self-sustaining, independent collective committed to empowering, protecting and promoting women in the entertainment and creative marketing industries.

Soapbox Women of Color mission will constantly adapt to suit the needs of its members during this explosively evolving time. We love a bespoke plan and a moving target. On a personal level, the mission of Soapbox WOC is to create a safe space for our members and to make meaningful relationships. We begin by building a community. Our industry-wide mission is to bring more women of color into our workforce. This is not a task we will do alone. We will need the help of our allies.

Soapbox Moms is for women in the entertainment, creative advertising, and marketing industries who are thinking of becoming parents, are in the process of becoming parents by any number of means, are new at motherhood, or are veteran moms. The group offers these moms and moms-to-be the chance to connect with other women and provide each other with support, share resources, share wisdom, and empower each other as they seek to reach their full potential. Wherever you are on the motherhood journey you are welcome to join the community.

Ways to get involved

  • Follow on Instagram- Visit us @soapboxwomen, @soapboxwoc & @soapboxmoms on Instagram
  • Join the community- Join our Facebook Group
  • Subscribe- Follow us on LinkedIn, or visit our website to subscribe to our newsletter

Ways to get in touch

Follow along on LinkedIn, join our Facebook Group, and sign up for the Soapbox Women Newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest events. We'd love to have you join us! Check out for more.


Spark connects people, at any stage of their career—entry-level to leadership—to a variety of opportunities to contribute, in the form of talent or time as well as funds or supplies.

Ways to get involved

  • Follow on Instagram- Visit us @weareonespark on Instagram
  • Join the community- Follow us on LinkedIn
  • Learn more- Browse our website

Ways to get in touch

To learn more and get involved with Spark follow us on LinkedIn and/or Instagram @weareonespark and DM or email us ( Check out for more.