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Enter the Wu-Seum

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Partnerships & Collaborations
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Music Marketing
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Entrant CompanySHOWTIME Networks, New York
Creative Agency/Production Company Mass Appeal, New York
Public Relations AgencyI.D. PR, New York
Music/Sound CompanyDolby, San Francisco
SVP, Marketing Emily Gould / SHOWTIME
VP, Marketing Susan Frank / SHOWTIME
Director, Marketing Amy Twilley / SHOWTIME
Senior Manager, Marketing Elizabeth Leister / SHOWTIME
Coordinator, Marketing Samuel Weinberg / SHOWTIME
SVP, Creative DirectorErik Friedman / SHOWTIME
Creative DirectorIan Brier / SHOWTIME
Creative DirectorJonathan Rauberts / SHOWTIME
VP Creative Director Christina Black / SHOWTIME
Lead Animation Artist Jon Smith / SHOWTIME
Animator Jerred North / SHOWTIME
Senior Animator Amber Kusmenko / SHOWTIME
Visual FX Artsist David Winkfield / SHOWTIME
Director, Social Media Ashmi Dang / SHOWTIME
Manager, Social Media Jazlyn Beltre / SHOWTIME
Creative Director Jeremy Martino / SHOWTIME
Writer/Producer Eric Jaugey / SHOWTIME
ConsultantJason Mammen / SHOWTIME
SVP, Corporate Communications Erin Calhoun / SHOWTIME
Public RelationsKatrina Murray / SHOWTIME
Line ProducerLorraine O'Connor / SHOWTIME
Director Photo Publicity Erin Kalkauski / SHOWTIME
CEO/Executive Producer Peter Bittenbender / Mass Appeal
COO/Director of Wu-Tang Clan: Of Mics and MenSacha Jenkins / Mass Appeal
Creative Director/ Director of Brand Partnerships & StrategyJon Colclough / Mass Appeal
VP, Marketing Annie Chen / Mass Appeal
Creative Consultant Peter Scalettar / Mass Appeal
Senior Director of Technology & Post Production Nick Pacchiano / Mass Appeal
Director, Integrated ProgramsBrette Graber / Mass Appeal
Director, Social Strategy Thea Landehagen Gubrandsen / Mass Appeal
Manager, Social Media Khari Nixon / Mass Appeal
Head of Animation Hector Arias / Mass Appeal
Senior Art Director Mike Lukowski / Mass Appeal
DesignerRicardo Cataneda / Mass Appeal
DesignerCyrus Ra / Mass Appeal
AnimatorJenny Scales / Mass Appeal
Event Producer Maryclaire Grace / Mass Appeal
Event Coordinator Meg Stacker / Mass Appeal
Event Coordinator Hannah Rucker / Mass Appeal
Production Designer Katie Vitale / Mass Appeal
Talent Booker Roberta Magrini / Mass Appeal
Creative Consultant Lucas Saule / Dolby
Creative ConsulatantIan Sotzing / Dolby
Creative Consultant Peter Michaelian / Dolby
Creative Consultant John Loose / Dolby
Creative Consultant Jurgen Scharpf / Dolby
Production Consultant Amanda Schneider / Dolby
Production Consultant Helena Ngo / Dolby
Production Consultant Mouna Yamini / Dolby
Creative Agency UNFOLD Agency / UNFOLD

This 2019 Clio Music Silver winning entry titled 'Enter the Wu-Seum ' was entered for SHOWTIME Networks Inc. by SHOWTIME Networks , New York. The piece was submitted to the medium: Partnerships & Collaborations within the entry type: Music Marketing. It consists of 1 video and 10 images.