4 Unconventional Mother’s Day Spots

Mother’s Day brings a deluge of ads peddling bouquets and commercials that tell sentimental stories of appreciation for the woman who does it all. This year, however, brands seem to have taken a sharp turn from convention and have opted for more untraditional — and in some cases, comical — approaches to celebrating our moms this Mother’s Day.

Read on to see how four brands have put a twist on classic Mother’s Day advertising.

Kraft & CP+B’s “Swear Like a Mother”

Kraft Macaroni & Cheese: Swear Like a Mother

They don’t call it the “world’s toughest job” for nothing. Although moms may seem to have it all together they’re only human, which means that sometimes they need to let off a little steam in the form of a few choice expletives.

Kraft perfectly plays off this reality with its comical new spot celebrating imperfect parenting (74 percent of moms admit that they’ve cursed in front of their kids).

“The reality is that millennial parents today really don’t believe that there is such a thing as perfect parenting, and they are the first to admit it,” said Kraft Macaroni & Cheese’s marketing director Rachel Drof in an Adweek interview. “We thought, ‘What better way to celebrate mom on Mother’s Day than celebrating the perfectly imperfect side of motherhood and give mom a set of tools on this day?'”

American Greetings & MullenLowe’s #GiveMeaning

American Greetings Commercial | Tattoo | #GiveMeaning

Mother’s Day includes remembrance of a parent even if they’re no longer with us. One young girl does so in a lasting way in American Greetings’ moving Mother’s Day spot.

“Consumers told us historical greeting card advertising was a bit unrealistic and predictable. So, we are choosing not to manufacture moments for our advertising, but to reflect what we see in real life,” American Greetings chief marketer Alex Ho told Adweek.

To amplify the ad’s honesty, American Greetings tapped a non-actor for the spot. Watch to see how this girl aims to #GiveMeaning to her relationship with her mom.

Lysol & McCann New York’s “What It Takes to Protect”

Lysol: Protect Like a Mother

For good reason, one of the first wilderness skills kids learn is to never get between a mother bear and her cubs. Lysol brings this idea to life in its “What It Takes to Protect” spot, which reimagines mothers as instinctively protective wild animals.

“Traditionally, Lysol has been much more about 'germ kill,' but we felt there was a bigger emotional truth to the brand. The instinct to protect the ones you love is universal, and Lysol is designed to help people do that,” McCann New York’s co-CCO Thomas Murphy told AdAge.

KFC & Wieden + Kennedy’s “Tender Wings of Desire”

Tender Wings of Desire: A Colonel Sanders Novella

Does your mom have a good sense of humor and a weakness for Harlequin romance novels? If so, KFC has dreamed up the perfect Mother’s Day gift this year: Tender Wings of Desire, a steamy romance novella starring none other than Colonel Sanders.

The (very real) 92-page book — featuring excerpts like, “He was the most handsome person she had ever seen; even his beard made him look more manly than unkempt. ‘I've never seen a sailor who wore glasses before,’ she said suddenly. He grinned. ‘Neither have I. Then again I don't often look in the mirror,’ he replied. She felt her cheeks blush a flame red, and she retreated to the kitchen to stop them from blushing further.” — is available for free download on Amazon.  

Enjoy a taste of Tender Wings in the teaser spot above. 

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