4 Ways the Creative World Is Getting Civic-Minded this Election Season

Twenty. That’s how many days separate us from the end of the 2016 presidential election. Although you may be praying that this contentious election season comes to a swift end, brands and agencies aren’t slowing down in their efforts encouraging the public to vote.

From the symbolic to the practical, these creative campaigns care about one thing — that everyone takes a stand for something on November 8.

Boost Mobile & 180LA

In 2012, many low-income neighborhoods experienced exceedingly long lines at the polls (think four- to nine-hour waits) as a result of unequal voting access. Boost Mobile wants to do something about it. With agency 180LA, Boost Mobile is turning a number of its storefronts — many of which happen to be located in the same low-income communities — into polling places. The mobile carrier has even launched a national petition to create more of these pop-up polling places and enable everyone to #BoostYourVoice.

R/GA & Ad Council 

Efforts like Boost Mobile’s are a waste if the public is not registered to vote. In an effort to encourage younger voters to register, R/GA and the Ad Council launched GoVoteBot, a Facebook Messenger chatbot that offers easy assistance in both registering and learning when and how individuals can vote. R/GA is currently working with brands to implement GoVoteBot on their own pages and websites to amplify its efforts.

Doritos & Rock the Vote

Doritos is similarly urging the younger demographic to register and voice their opinions this election season. With the Rock the Vote, the brand placed special Doritos vending machines on a college campus, which dispensed “No Choice” crunchless, flavorless, cardboard “chips” to users who weren’t registered to vote along with a note explaining that without registering they have no choice. The students were then prompted to register on the spot. Watch the civic-minded stunt play out above.

Virgin America & Rock the Vote

Think you don’t have the time to register to vote? Think again, says Virgin America, who has also teamed up with Rock the Vote this election season. The airline is offering passengers the ability to register to vote using the its in-flight Wi-Fi. "We thought it was important to remind travelers of the civic importance of voting," said Virgin America’s VP of brand marketing and communications Abby Lunardini in an interview with Adweek. "Voting is our No. 1 civic responsibility, and making it easier and accessible for more people is an important thing to do."