5 Campaigns Pushing the Boundaries of Innovation

Imagination. Innovation. Inspiration. These pillars determine excellence at the Clios, and this year, innovation is expanding within the Clio Awards program with two additional categories in the medium, Product Innovation and Medium Innovation.  Now, with the 2016 Clio Awards fast approaching, our celebration of creativity continues with this latest group of Gold Clio winners in Innovation.

One of the following works may receive a Grand Clio, the highest honor, at the Clio Awards ceremony on September 28th at the American Museum of Natural History. Take a look at these five most innovative campaigns below.

Entrant Company: DDB Spain, Madrid
Brand: No Somos Delito (We Are Not Crime)
Category: Medium Innovation

Title: Holograms for Freedom 

When the Spanish government passed a law that many felt stepped on their freedom of expression, DDB Spain and No Somos Delito dreamed up an ingenious way to voice their opinions despite the new law — a virtual protest. Watch the video above to see the campaign’s effect.

Entrant Company: INGO, Stockholm
Brand: Swedish Tourist Association
Category: Medium Innovation

Title: The Swedish Number

In celebration of the bicentennial of Sweden’s unprecedented censorship ban, the Swedish Tourist Association and INGO released another unprecedented announcement — the country’s own telephone number. Those who call the number will be connected to a random Swede to talk about anything they wish. INGO’s campaign was also among Ads of the World’s most shared Swedish ads of the last year.

Entrant Company: Sancho BBDO, Bogotá
Brand: Fundación Éxito – Banco de Alimentos
Category: Medium Innovation

Title: Aid to Cart

Fifty cents and a slight image change can make all difference, proves Sancho BBDO and Colombia’s food bank in their “Aid to Cart” campaign. When standard online donation initiatives weren’t reaching the food bank’s goals, Sancho BBDO created Aid to Cart, which gives e-commerce shoppers the choice between an empty bowl or a cereal-filled bowl, an empty pitcher or a pitch brimming with orange juice for just 50 cents more. Watch the video to see the difference the campaign made.

Entrant Company: Grey Brasil, Sao Paulo
Brand: Sekron Security Systems
Category: Product Innovation

Title: Emergency Pin Code

“Express kidnapping” is a prevalent crime in Latin America, with criminals forcing their victims to withdraw large sums of money from ATMs. To combat this rising crime, Grey Brasil and Sekron Security Systems unveiled the Emergency Pin Code, a special ATM pin code that alerts the authorities while the criminal is none the wiser. Check out the Emergency Pin Code’s full capabilities in the video above.

Entrant Company: Serviceplan, Munich
Brand: Dot Incorporation
Category: Product Innovation

Title: DOT. The First Braille Smartwatch

While the digital world continues to innovate and farther push our boundaries, the visually impaired population is increasingly left behind. Enter Dot Incorporation and Serviceplan with the world’s First Braille Smartwatch, which is opening the doors of possibility to blind people worldwide.

Grand Clio winners will be announced onstage at the 2016 Clio Awards on September 28th. Find all the Clio 2016 Gold, Silver and Bronze winners here.