Announcing the Inaugural Product Design Gold Clio Winners

Creativity touches every aspect of our lives: the device on which you’re reading this story, the car you drove to work or even the floorplan of the room you’re in. Creative design is a crucial step to these products being fully realized and affecting how we live.

This is why we have introduced Product Design into the Clio Awards for the first time this year. As Clio president Nicole Purcell said, this new medium “will give designers and the industry at large the ability to stay connected to the creative forces shaping advertising today.”

With the 2016 Clio Awards just a few weeks away, we’re shining the spotlight on our inaugural Gold Clio winners in Product Design—one of which may win a Grand Clio at the Clio Awards ceremony on September 28th.

Entrant Company: Eargo Hearing Inc.
Brand: Eargo Hearing Inc.
Category: Electronics & Home Entertainment

Title: Eargo Hearing Aid

Hailed as the “hearing aid of the future,” Eargo’s revolutionary design is modeled after a fishing fly to give wearers a seamlessly effective and comfortable hearing aid experience.

Entrant Company: Movado
Brand: Movado
Category: Fashion & Lifestyle

Title: Movado Edge

Famed industrial designer Yves Béhar gave the classic Movado watch a modern edge by redesigning the watch’s Museum Dial. “The Movado Edge collection is a spectacular new interpretation of Movado’s iconic signature,” said Movado Group CEO and chairman Efraim Grinberg in an interview with Forbes. “[Béhar] hasn’t replaced the original Museum Dial, but has given it an artistic evolution, taking the Museum Dial to the edge.”

Entrant Company: Ford Motor Company
Brand: Ford Motor Company
Category: Vehicles

Title: Ford GT: Innovation By Design

The Ford GT is a seamless marriage of design and aerodynamic technology, allowing it to perform at an optimal level. "We are talking about a decade of technological innovations that have led to this car," Ford CEO Mark told USA Today. "It's a striking vehicle that's really been enabled by great technology."

Entrant Company: Herman Miller
Brand: Herman Miller
Category: Furniture & Lighting

Title: Public Office Landscape

Public Office Landscape - a fuseproject/Herman Miller Case Study from fuseproject on Vimeo

In an era where working remotely is easier than ever, Herman Miller and fuseproject, the agency behind the design, set out to create a workspace that harnesses the power of collaboration. As Logan Ray, partner and director of strategy at fuseproject, said of Public Office Landscape, “We believe that people work better together. We wanted this to be a social landscape.”

Entrant Company: Husqvarna Motorcycles GmbH
Brand: Husqvarna Motorcycles
Category: Vehicles

Title: Husqvarna Motorcycles VITPILEN 401 Concept

Harkening back to a more uncomplicated time, the 401 Vitpilen, or “White Arrow” in Swedish, is all about simplicity. The design, according to, “draws on the rebellious spirit that was born in…the golden age of the ‘60s and ‘70s, when Husqvarna’s legend was truly forged.”

Grand Clio winners will be announced onstage at the 2016 Clio Awards on September 28th. Find all the Clio 2016 Gold, Silver and Bronze winners here.